SEPT, 2021
Learning Tools
Want to take a advanced editing workshop online? Well now you can at EditMentor from the same people who brought you EditStock.com.
In this video we talk with Misha Tenenbaum, the creator of EditMentor who gives us an in-depth look at the software and a demo of what’s inside.

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Table of Contents

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – What is EditMentor?
06:37 – EditMentor philosophy of teaching.
08:07 – EditMentor demo.
10:01 – Are the dailies included with the lessons?
15:37 – How many editors did you consult with to develop EditMentor?
16:24 – How many lessons are there in the Advanced Workshop?
18:13 – Inside the course.
18:36 – Example – Analyzing Footage
20:37 – How do you measure your progress?
24:44 – Do you cover sound or other areas of editorial?
26:10 – Is EditMentor available now?
27:08 – Who is the target audience for this product?
29:51 – What is the cost of the paid program?

Edit Mentor Demo
Mare of Easttown
Edit Mentor Demo

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