Editing Remotely
Remote Collaboration
2020 was the year of editing remotely. In this video you’ll learn how to stream your editbay while working in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Davinci Resolve (or anything else for that matter) from your desktop when working from home without the need for any additional hardware.

Pac Post Live is a powerful, affordable solution that allows individuals, edit teams and organizations to collaborate remotely. Production crews can also utilize this solution to stream from set to studio across the globe. Click here to get your own demo of Pac Post Live.

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Avid 1 Demo 1989

                  Table of Contents
00:00 – Intro.
00:30 – What is Pac Post Live?
00:54 – How does it work?
02:03 – Tell us about the workflow.
02:54 – How does everyone stay in sync?
03:53 – What resolution does it stream at?
04:40 – How many viewers can watch simultaneously?
05:05 – How do people outside of editorial access the system?
05:37 – What about security?
06:18 – Are these security protocols approved by studios?
06:58 – What differentiates Pac Post Live from other solutions?
08:15 – What kind of support do you provide?
08:46 – Is the system available worldwide?
09:03 – What NLE’s are supported?
09:41 – Can you give us a demo?
14:29 – How do you solve common audio issues with streaming?
15:29 – Can the system handle larger editing teams?
16:15 – How to switch between edit bays.
18:22 – Watermarking & adding logos.
19:16 – Can you show us the Admin interface?
21:06 – Can you move media with the system?
21:35 – How much does it cost to deploy?
22:06 – How can others get a demo?

Bill Warner