ATTN: Contract Services Training Reimbursement Program Temporarily Suspended.

From Contract Services:

“The Skills Training reimbursement program has been temporarily suspended.

We understand this likely comes as disappointing news.  As you may be aware, virtually all of Contract Services’ funding comes from contributions paid by motion picture employers when production crews are working. Due to the “Safer at Home” orders and other efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, production crews are not working, so Contract Services is facing a period of virtually zero revenue for the indefinite future.  Temporarily suspending the non-mandatory Skills Training program is necessary to ensure that we can continue providing our mandatory services, such as Safety and Harassment Prevention Training, administering the Industry Experience Roster, and a variety of other functions required by law or collective bargaining agreement. 

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, but we appreciate your understanding during this difficult period. We look forward to relaunching the Skills Training program as soon as practicable. See our website at or your Contract Services Portal for the latest updates regarding our operations.”

Quiz and Certificate of Completion Information

All enrolled students have the opportunity to be tested on their knowledge of the material in our course and receive a Certificate of Completion with a passing grade of 90 percent. Quizzes appear on the bottom of each lesson page.

If upon your first attempt you do not receive a passing grade, you will be permitted to review the material and retake the quiz.

Note for Editors Guild Members Applying for CSATTF Reimbursement

You will need to fill out the CSATTF Vendor Provided Training Skills Training Application & Reimbursement Policy and Request Form and submit to CSATF BEFORE taking the course.

You can download the forms here.

You will need the following information to complete the application:

Course# FFAE100
Course Name : Feature Film Assistant Editor Immersion 1.0
Vendor : Master The Workflow

A passing grade and Certificate of Completion are required for reimbursement.