JUNE, 2021
Assistant Editing
Marvel Studios
Wanda Vision
Today I’m talking with Scott Jacobs to find out what’s it like to be an assistant editor at Marvel Studios on their hit Disney+ show Wanda Vision.

In this exclusive interview, Scott gives us the inside scoop on things like; how to get into a cutting room? What’s required of assistant editors on a massive Hollywood show? The importance of networking to move your career forward, and how he finds a work life balance in this demanding field.

Scott’s Credits at IMDB

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Scott at the Avid

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction
01:08 – What got you interested in film editing?
04:27 – How did you get your foot in the door?
08:36 – What’s the biggest difference between features and TV?
11:32 – Do you prefer working in TV or features?
14:00 – Tell us about your experience working in animation.
15:47 – What are the differences between a 1st & 2nd assistant editor?
18:00 – What are your biggest challenges as a 1st assistant editor?
20:50 – How has working remotely changed the job for you?
22:25 – What remote system are you using
22:58 – Are you using a proprietary remote setup?
24:26 – You’ve cut quite a few short films. How do you find short films to cut?
28:46 – How do you find a work/life balance in our business?
31:37 – What’s your advice to people who want to become film editors?


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