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You might know the name Jeffrey Ford as the editor of some of the most successful & exciting box office films of all-time. However, his many Marvel hits, (Iron Man 3, Captain America: The First Avenger, Winter Soldier & Civil War and The Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Infinity War & Endgame) are only some of his credits.

Jeff’s work goes beyond the realm of superheroes and CGI extravaganzas. He’s also cut powerful dramas like One Hour Photo, Shattered Glass, Crazy Heart and most recently The Comey Rule & Let Him Go. Not only is Jeff an editor at the top of his game, he’s also a genuine cinephile who possesses a deep knowledge and love of the filmmaking craft. Collectively, the films Jeff has cut have earned over 4 billion dollars in global box office.

In this, Part 1 of our extensive 1-on-1 talk with Jeff, we do a deep dive into subjects like his career path, get insights into editing mega-hits, about his workflow techniques & challenges and much more.

If you love movies and want a deeper understanding of the editing craft from a consummate filmmaker, we know this is something you will really enjoy.

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Simon Smith

          Marvel Cinematic Universe

Table of Contents
0:00 – Introduction
2:00 – What got you into the editing room?
7:20 – The importance of your “network.”
10:10 – The path to full editor on “The Yards.”
19:04 – The bond created with people you work with.
21:05 – How did you cultivate relationships with directors?
26:46 – What Jeff looks for in an assistant.
31:18 – How do you deal with the demanding hours in editorial?
35:21 – How do you adapt to the different styles/personalities of different directors?
41:56 – Thoughts on starting out and the choices one makes.

Simon Smith - Emmy

          Jeffrey Ford, ACE

Simon Smith

          Marvel Cinematic Universe