November, 2021

Avid Log Exchange
The Digital Codebook

In this in-depth tutorial, Master The Workflow’s Richard Sanchez shows you a variety of tips & tricks he uses to harness the power of Avid Log Exchange. 

These tips, in conjunction with Master The Workflow’s Digital Codebook will super-charge your workflow and help you save time (and headaches) when working with dailies, sub-clips visual effects and other processes in Avid Media Composer.

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Check out Master The Workflow’s Digital Codebook. 

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The Digital Codebook

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction
01:04 – What is an ALE?
03:20 – What you can do with an ALE.
04:26 – Creating sub-clips with mix track only.
09:35 – Exporting for a Codebook.
10:37 – Exporting reference stills.
15:16 – Using ALE’s for Visual Effects.
16:03 – Creating a Pull List for Visual Effects.
20:41 – Cutting in Visual Effects & Checking.
25:06 – Bulk renaming of clips.
27:18 – Merging custom data into clips.

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