February, 2022
VFX Sub-Clipping
Master The Workflow’s Richard Sanchez shares some tips & tricks in this tutorial about Sub-Clipping and Relinking Visual Effects in Avid Media Composer. Use these methods to save yourself time, headaches, and make your workflow more efficient.
Big thank you to J.C. Bond for his contribution to this tutorial.

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VFX SubClipping
VFX SubClipping
VFX SubClipping
Visual Effects Database
Table of Contents

01:24 – Getting started
11:44 – Something to be aware of.
12:08 – Cutbacks
15:27 – Manually breaking up cutbacks
17:47 – Pulling Nests & Speed effects manually.
18:24 – Using relinking to check for changes quickly.
21:10 – Frame ranges
22:26 – Relink shots to save time.
26:28 – Be careful about vendor renaming shots.
28:12 –  What to do if a shot doesn’t relink.

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