February, 2022
VFX Sub-Clipping

In this tutorial, Richard Sanchez from Master The Workflow shares some powerful tips for film editors, assistant editors, and visual effects editors who use Avid Media Composer. By utilizing visual effects sub-clipping and relinking techniques, editors can save time, avoid complications, and streamline their workflow, which is especially useful for those who work under tight deadlines and deal with complex visual effects.


To start with, sub-clipping is the process of selecting specific parts of a larger video clip to work with. By doing this, editors can easily isolate important sections without wasting time on irrelevant content. In this tutorial, the focus is on sub-clipping VFX shots to help editors manage complex visual effects more efficiently.


On the other hand, relinking involves reattaching VFX and other media to their original source files. This is crucial when transferring projects between different devices and team members, or when dealing with corrupted or missing media files. By mastering this technique, editors can quickly resolve any issues and keep their workflow moving forward.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into their workflow, visual effects editors can optimize their workflow, boost productivity, and produce high-quality and accurate outputs. With these techniques in their toolkit, editors can take their work to the next level and deliver outstanding results every time.

Big thank you to J.C. Bond for his contribution to this tutorial.

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VFX SubClipping
VFX SubClipping
VFX SubClipping
Visual Effects Database
Table of Contents

01:24 – Getting started
11:44 – Something to be aware of.
12:08 – Cutbacks
15:27 – Manually breaking up cutbacks
17:47 – Pulling Nests & Speed effects manually.
18:24 – Using relinking to check for changes quickly.
21:10 – Frame ranges
22:26 – Relink shots to save time.
26:28 – Be careful about vendor renaming shots.
28:12 –  What to do if a shot doesn’t relink.

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